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About Us

Purcell & Associates are one of the leading providers of professional services to the gambling, betting and lottery industries in Ireland, the UK and Europe.

With over 20 years of experience, P&A provide unparalleled international best practice experience to operators, regulators, manufacturers and distributors in:


Gambling Operations & Management

Casino, Arcade, Online/Social Gaming, Bingo, Interactive TV, Mobile/Handheld

Betting Operations & Management 

Bookmakers, Online/Social Betting, Interactive TV, Mobile/Handheld

Lottery Operations & Management

Lotto, Scratch Cards, Pull Tabs, Online/Social Lotteries, TV & Radio Lottery, Mobile/Handheld, Licence Applications/Tenders

Social Responsibility

CSR Compliance, Training, Codes of Conduct and Practice


Legal and Practical Regulatory Review, Compliance Management

Advanced Gaming Technology 

Server Based Gaming, Intelligent Networks, Hardware and Software Development, Multi Platform Implementation

Gaming Project Leadership 

Project Management, Project Troubleshooting & Mediation


Gambling Specific Patent Dispute/Arbitration, Jurisdiction Management & Analyses


Market Research

Jurisdiction specific analyses of taxation, regulatory regime, competitive analyses, feasibility studies


Purcell & Associates work with other industry leading consultancy firms globally to bring boutique services from the leading industry voices worldwide. These include, recognised individuals from the USA & Canada, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Caribbean.


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